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"You guys are great! I won my fantasy league this year afer having come in last or second to last place the past three years!"
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Ready-Set-Go Fantasy Sports LLC

Mission Statement
Ready-Set-Go Fantasy Sports is a fantasy sports technology company that has developed the "Power Analyzer," a predictive software application that provides winning advice specifically tailored to individual fantasy baseball players. Our goal is to become the No. 1 choice for predictive fantasy sport analysis for the 18 Million Fantasy Sports Fans.

Management Team
The founding partners have strong domain expertise in five (5) critical areas important to a winning fantasy baseball service.

1. Winning Predictive Algorithm - See "News & Picks"
2. Strong expertise - Hosting Web based "search algorithm" technology
3. Expert Fantasy baseball Resources - 40 years experience
4. Customer relations expertise managing subscription-based customers
5. A proven track record of helping our members WIN in Fantasy baseball!

Founding Members

Jeff Coruccini, Co-Founder - Jeff has over twenty (20) years business development executive leadership experience and ten (10) years working with start-up businesses (Web-centric models) in the areas of: customer management, software development, strategic partnerships and new business implementations. Jeff has tremendous experience for his role as CEO of the company. His proven business development and account management skills and project management experience has led to the company's successful product deployment and establishing a strategic relationship with the licensing arm of the National baseball League (NFL Players, Inc.) during the 2005 fantasy baseball season. He has over fifteen (15) years of experience competing in fantasy baseball and it was his vision to develop the product and company. Companies Jeff has worked for include: American Express, Carlson Companies, McDonnell Douglas, Farelogix.com, Yatra.net, e-resourceplanner.com and b-there.com

Simon Chatfield, Co-Founder - Simon has over fifteen (15) years management experience developing software applications and architecture designs. The past eight years he has worked for start-up companies while growing and developing his consulting company - The Chatfield Group. In his current role as Chief Technology Officer, Simon has developed the code and architecture to support our fantasy baseball optimization algorithm. His prior experience with developing "travel search" algorithms and knowledge of baseball/fantasy baseball were the successful ingredients in creating our winning algorithm. Simon's experience growing companies and developing software products will ensure Ready-Set-Go becomes an industry leader in fantasy sports predictive analysis software. Simon has over ten (10) years experience competing in fantasy sports.

Dana Valentine, Co-Founder - Dana has over eighteen (18) years technical support experience with Fortune 500 companies. His background maintaining database applications and system support ensures the accuracy of our information for our products database. Dana is our lead Fantasy baseball analyst with over fifteen (15) years of experience competing in fantasy sports. He has played a key role in our success the past two seasons, resulting in our application beating industry experts 70% of the time.

Advisory Board Members

Russ Bliss, Radio Host, Fantasy baseball Analyst - Russ has over ten (10) years experience as a professional fantasy baseball analyst and during that period has hosted the most successful Fantasy baseball Radio show - The Red Zone (KDUS 1060) in Phoenix, AZ. Russ joined Ready-Set-Go Fantasy Sports in December 2005 and plays a key role in the development of enhancements and new products.

Brady Chatfield, Internet Marketing and Pubic Relations - Brady has more than fifteen (15) years of experience in communications, including journalism, public relations and marketing. His background ranges from working for large corporations to nonprofits to co-founding his consulting business, The Chatfield Group. Brady's expertise helped Ready-Set-Go Fantasy Sports more than double its user base in 2005 and has helped the Power Analyzer gain the attention of industry and the media.

About the Fantasy Sports Industry

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association's fourth annual demographic survey results, conducted by Dr. Kim Beason of the University of Mississippi , provide insight on this growing industry. The survey indicated there are 15-18 million people playing fantasy sports with the average fantasy player being a 36-year-old, married, white male with a bachelor's degree and a member of the "professional" work force.

According to the survey, basketball has shown the highest growth rate in the past four years, showing a 7 percent growth during that time. baseball (4 percent) was next, followed by baseball (3 percent). In addition, the average fantasy player also spends 34 minute's a day thinking about their fantasy teams and has an average of 3.3 baseball teams and 2.9 baseball teams.

"This is a healthy, maturing growing industry," Beason said. The survey also revealed some fascinating aspects of the industry's participants. Among them:

  • Fifty-five percent of fantasy players watch more sports on TV since starting to play fantasy sports.
  • Fantasy sports players attend considerably more professional games than non-fantasy players. Sixty percent of fantasy sports players attended at least one Major League Baseball game last year, compared to 12 percent of adult Americans who attended at least one game last year. The other sports were equally revealing: 47 percent of fantasy baseball players attended an NFL game last year (compared to 9% of adult Americans); 28 percent of fantasy basketball players attended an NBA game (compared to 8% of adult Americans); and 27 percent of fantasy hockey players attended an NHL game (compared to 4% of adult Americans).
  • The industry is growing at a rate of 7-10 percent in the past three years.

Erin Hunter of comScore.com and Lee Ann Prescott of Hitwise.com also unveiled additional online demographic information. Among their findings was that fantasy baseball generated the highest amount of online traffic, the strongest demographic resided in the 25-34 age group and the average income of fantasy participants was between $60,000-$100,000 a year.

"This is a very attractive demographic market," Prescott said.





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